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2018 General Election

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Your Fountain Valley Police Officers and Firefighters Support the following candidates because public safety is their priority.

Michael Vo

For Fountain Valley Mayor

"I'm running for reelection to continue working with local residents, businesses, and my City Council colleagues to improve Fountain Valley."

Accomplishments from the last 8 years :

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  • Balanced the 2018-19 budget with a surplus of $6.5 million, helping restore our reserves, and maintaining city's AAA credit rating.
  • Improved public safety by approving the hiring of additional personnel for our Fire Department and hiring 13 new Police Officers in 12 months, with an officer dedicated to homeless issues.
  • Started a Mayor's Business Outreach to share ideas with Fountain Valley Businesses and residents to help retain and bring top revenue-producing establishments to our city.
  • Reformed public employee pensions. Public employees now pay 100% of pension costs. Increased transparency through such means as televising city council meetings.
Re-Elect Michael Vo for Experienced Leadership for Fountain Valley


Patrick Harper

Fountain Valley City Council
  • Keep our community safe
  • Manage city finances for the future
  • Attract and retain businesses
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Keep our community safe

A safe and well maintained community attracts families, protects businesses, and enhances our overall quality of life. We must continue to recruit and retain the best police, fire and public works personnel to deliver the high service level that our residents and businesses have come to expect.

Manage city finances for the future

Delivering police, fire and public works services costs money, and we must ensure that the city has enough money to pay these costs, debt and pension liabilities. Measure HH, the 1% sales tax increase, will provide extra sales tax money for the next 20 years, so over that period one focus will be to increase city revenues and be conservative with expenses, so that the city can balance the budget without HH after the sunset date in 2037. As a CPA with a strong financial background, I will be able to help guide the council in financial decisions as we move into the future.

Attract and retain businesses

Businesses bring jobs and prosperity to our residents. Also, sales tax accounts for a large part of the city’s revenues, so we must be business-friendly to keep this revenue stream. Several business centers are going through some modernization activities, and the city should support this modernization as possible.

Elect Patrick Harper for Fountain Valley City Council 2018


Glenn Grandis

Fountain Valley City Council
5 Point Plan for Fountain Valley:
  1. Fiscal Discipline
  2. No New Taxes for FV Residents
  3. Support New Business Development
  4. Responsible and Measured Growth
  5. Homelessness - Public Safety!
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5 Point Plan for Fountain Valley

1) Fiscal Discipline

Our city is $78 Million in debt. We need to make fiscally responsible decisions that will reduce the principal on our loans and not just pay the interest.

2) No New Taxes for FV Residents

In 2016, our city passed Measure HH which increased our sales tax by 1%. This revenue will be generated for the next 20 years and will help us to meet the needs of our community and pay off the debts of the city. Therefore we should remain committed to no new city taxes.

3) Support New Business Development

In order to ensure ongoing, long-term, fiscal stability, we need to make it easier for companies to do business in our city. We can reduce barriers and work closer with our Chamber of Commerce to attract new businesses to our community.

4) Responsible and Measured Growth

The area of our community, (between Talbert and Ellis, and the Santa Ana River and Ward) that was previously zoned for light manufacturing has been rezoned to enable mixed use such as residential and commercial businesses. (FV Crossings Specific Plan) - I will ensure that we prohibit high rise residential construction (like those at Bella Terra) and we protect the neighbors who border this project by not allowing any building to be greater than 2 stories high near these neighborhoods. I will work hard to attract a 5-Star hotel, near the freeway and away from all homes, by providing an economic incentive plan to motivate the development of hospitality businesses.

5) Homelessness - Public Safety!

First, we will make sure that we obtain the resources available from the County and State to help alleviate the homelessness problem. Then, working closely with our Public Safety Officers, we will work hard to help those individuals who are willing to receive help but also be sure to enforce the codes of our public parks to make them safe for all the residents of our community.

Elect Glenn Grandis for Fountain Valley City Council 2018